How to Access Utah Court Records to Learn Case Information

There is mystery in how to find court information.  Lawyers both criminal and civil need to be able to lookup and access court information.  In Utah, that information in the state court system is found at the Utah Court Website.  In the Xchange service that the court offers, you can access court information.  There is a subscription fee and if you want to file documents electronically, you have to registered with a third-party provider in order to do so.  The reason is because the Court does not currently do that — they have opted to allow third-party vendors handle the couris or Xchange interface for electronic filing.

Watch is short video that explains how it works:

At the time of this blog post, only the state District Courts in Utah have electronic filing, not the justice courts.  I have heard, however, that the Administrative Office of the Courts is working on resolving this.

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from Jeremy Eveland Utah Business Lawyer – Protecting Businesses from Internal and External Threats

from Jeremy Eveland Utah Business Lawyer


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